kodi iptv box

In this video we Setup our PVR IPTV simple client for LIVE TV on the latest install of KODI 15.1.
Website Link Used:


  1. none of this works for me. Ive tried ccloudtv, IPTVStalker, and now this. Nothing ever works. And I can download whatever I want to watch, but I just want to get this thing working for live sports, to fully feel like I made the right decision cutting the cord. BUT NOTHING EVER WORKS!!!

  2. I THINK I MESSED UP. when i downloaded the first link, went into settings/tv then clicked on enabled at the top. nothing happened. can you tell me what to do?

  3. ok, so i enabled th simple client, went back to system/tv, disabled then anabled again and nothing happened. i dont have the TV tab back at the home screen. what should i do sir?

    • i added all the links to where they supposed to be, enabled the Simple Client, went to settings/tv, scrolled up to General and clicked enabled on and off. why wasnt the changes applied?

  4. I am in Canada and would like to setup a PVR IPTV for LIVE TV Canadian channels, and/or a Canadian channels add-on could you tell me which PVR IPTV I would choose and/or add-ons to install

  5. ok this is doing my head in now .. how come i dont have the same options as you do i have no guide button .. whats going on hear ??

  6. I did everything but here is my problem: between 03:14-03:19
    when I am enabling and disabling again instead of charging the channels
    I am receiving the notice “can’t charge the addon” . I tried with some other paths
    and nothing
    I am using Android ..
    Somebody can help?

  7. thnx very good but i cant see gids whivh show is coming or play at the moment some channels dont work must i update ?

  8. I accidentally deleted the PVR IPTV simple client, no longer shows is there a way to recover to enable TV local channels


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