kodi wookie 2016 build

*****LEGAL: This video was made for educational reasons only. We have no ties to any of the companies outlined in this video and make no claims to ownership of such. We show no copyrighted content what so ever in the making of this video*****
I have had so many people asking for a simple setup of XBMC and Kodi that I wanted to put this together for you guys and I hope that if you enjoy this tutorial you take a moment to Donate to my channel if you can all proceeds go back into my channel to all me to create more great content for my viewers .
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    • If I had to say it would be because it has a lot of processes that its closing in the background running Kodi.

  1. i’m using WI-FI and my LIVE TV keeps freezing but not my MOVIES. Should i CLEAR CACHE or is it just my signal strength is low.
    Any Ideas on how to FIX the problem. Thanks.

    • Live TV Streams have to have constant smooth lines of internet to work properly as long as the stream is working correctly. I would try to make sure that you check that no one else is on your connection (wifi) making your bandwidth slow down. If so I would change my password on the router.

  2. Question downloaded wookie wizard just hooked up my box noticed on youtube there is a app called Renegade tv guide now once I have wookie is it possible to also use the renegade guide or do you need to uninstall wookie and go to using the renegade program. I am very new to all this and just trying to understand how it all works. Reason for asking is once wookie was installed my actuall original kodi screen is not avaliable? So dont know how to download another add on?

  3. hi awesome work you are doing thanks but i just dont know how to go to ppv for box i k ow is there some were kan you hel.e out with that


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