kodi wookie 2016 build

Please watch: “Install KODI on iPhone and iPad – No Jailbreak, Cydia or cost. In UNDER 5 MINUTES”



Here we have such a unique option on a build, once you install either the Retro or Lite version you have the option to change the build that you see via the profile settings. Simply head to profile, log out and swap to a completely new build! I do believe this option has been around for a while but I personally didn’t realise how easy it was to use. The Wookie Wizard guys and gals bring you so much amazing content on their builds and via the awesome wizard. Plus the download speeds of the Wizard is unreal, just you wait till you install one of these and you will see. Even on my very poor internet it was quick!





  1. nice looking bulid I put it on my kodi box asap to have a look mate thanks very much keep up the good work that u do and keep the videos coming thanks

  2. Got this build on my Fire-Stick and a personal Build i made myself in APK-Form,and all is swell 100% ….10/10 – NEEDED : )

    • CSSC0DER thanks matey. I’m pretty new to this and thought it was I big job lol. Just updated to 16.1. Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. Followed a few tutorials and it was easy. By the way. You info is great and very informative. Phil

    • +Phil Hewitt legend thank you Phil. Glad you managed to do it. It’s the same process to update every time. Thanks for your kind comment mate.

  3. How do I get the 3D films to work, I click on a 3D film , press the 3D on my tv remote and it’s still split screen , anyone have an idea, tried everything

  4. Thanks I have a fire stick, so what’s best for this. Do I have to chose lite. It’s running on my TVs. Thanks again.


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