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Direct TV now app full review. Available for android, fire tv stick, apple tv 4, ipad & iphones.

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  1. PlayStation vue can be downloaded on android boxes and its. 30 channels 29.99 a month for HDTV channels and $ 34.99 for 60 channels and NFL network in on there

    • +Tony Haboush Define Better?
      1.Yes or No. Can you sign into Watch ESPN and get access to all the content.
      2. Yes or No. Can you sign into Fox Sports Go, NBC Sports app, Big Ten Network app and get all the content available.
      3. Yes or No. Can you watch any show on demand from ABC, Fox, NBC on that Sling plan.

      You mean cheaper. Not better. You might want to do some research before you post.

    • +Tony Haboush I forgot this one, During the Olympics, Vue customers could sign into NBC Sports app and watch live feeds from any event. Sling Customers could not. Cheaper is not always better.

    • It’s available on the Google Play Store, therefore every android device with access to the store will be compatible. Phones, tablets, android boxes, fire tv stick & box, etc.

    • Solo Man I see it on my phone but I need it for my Mi Box as that’s my primary and I tried before to sideload and wouldn’t work for me but I’m still using a m3u list i bought and still works pretty well.. I know u have no reason to pass false info but it’s not available for “all” androids is all I’m saying

  2. My internet is running at 50 meg my tv keeps buffering is it because I have a old fire stick I want to switch but not if it going to do that help?

  3. The average price of IPTV service providers is around 15€£$.Sorry but there is no way I’m paying 35 a month.

  4. Totally stupid that they do not and basically refuse to support android devices and the Nvidia Shield. Guess their management shouldn’t be surprised when we all take our business elsewhere.


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