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  1. NO i comment on your previous video. I want to get the TV icon showing in the menu botton where it showed next to your picture. How do I get it showing??

    • Oh I got what you’re saying. Watch my IPTV May, 2015 video I posted 2 weeks ago. I show you how to do it in that. It’s simple

    • Yes I know how but every time, i uncheck the clear caches button, after entering the m3u it does not work after the reboot.

  2. +Maritza Gomez you can try to cast your pc screen, but the sound will come out ur pc (u can direct the sound to a stereo with an auxiliary. Other than that I have no clue

    • It works great on my android. Gonna try it next on my Windows Touchsmart now. Only question I have is how do you get the live TV icon to appear on the start up menu? Is there an m3u I have to add?

    • I will check itt out but last time I check which was yesterday itt was running perfectly. Try getting the kodi 14.2 or later instead of xbmc and ensure ur connected to the Internet

  3. Hey man, just wanted to say this worked great. Do you know if their is an english Cartoon Network/Adult Swim? Would very much appreciate it. 

    Either way, amazing work, very easy to follow. Keep it up!

    • I think cartoon network is on iptv stalker if I’m not mistaking ans adult swim comes on after a certain hour. However, you can try using cartoon HD extra for more adult swim cartoons. (it’ll be prerecorded though and not live).

    • +Marko Belas iptv website the iptv stalker will be a paid service only from 15th July this was just a free trail whilst they iron out the bugs

    • +Steven Walker i’d love for you to provide an article of some type of proof on that so that we can keep the community abreast…. Thx again for the support!

    • +Enrico Poole check out +9bluewolf he’s the creator of this track….. message him or look on his page. thats my homeboy he’s talented

  4. Wow thanks for the tutorial, I appreciate it a lot. I installed it into my android phone, how do I get the movies and shows to play in HD?

  5. I’ve tried everything and cannot get the t.v. tap on the main menu to appear. what am i doing wrong. I’m willing to uninstall and reinstall kodi an start fresh (which would be the 4th time doing that).

    • The add on has been down for about 2 months now and when they were suppose to return as a paid add on, they ran into legal issues with the law. U can watch my other videos: channel pear, playlist load, Kodi config and RoboCop for live channels

  6. Click this link for the New Method on watching IPTV STALKER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le-IB9l7lX8&feature=youtu.be

  7. I was just wondering. Is the Shadow Crew Repo down? I tried to install the repo on tvmc and it was saying unable to connect…..could not retrieve directory information……this could be due to the network not being connected. It ask if I would like to add anyway. Now is this a system error?


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