kodi iptv box

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Steps 1:
Go to Settings, Live TV, General, Enable

Step 2:
Click enable and click OKAY

Step 3:
Select IPTV PVR Simple Client

Step 4:
Configure the M3U link from the links in the description depending on the type of channels you wish to watch 1 link at a time!

Step 5:
Uncheck Cache under M3U URL

Step 6:
Click enable **if it doesn't react, go into disabled add ons and enable it once more

If it doesn't start on ANDROID TVs etc exit out of Kodi XBMC and re-enter again and it should work

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    • Itt did the same thing to me in the video. You must go into disabled add ons and make sure the pvr client is enabled. N if that still doesn’t work exit the kodi n go back into it. Shhould work by that point.

    • Yeah go back into “disabled add ons” and enable it again. If that doesn’t work. Exit Kodi and re-enter it should work.

    • +Caz Wallace so I got it to work on xbmc and then went into kodi and got it to show up now the only problem is that it keep closing and sending me to the home screen

  1. -world boss look att my May version of this video and look at the description. Click the websites and look for a link that works for you

  2. how come my tv menu doesn’t show up anymore next to the video??
    After I reset my livetv the tv menu icon doesn’t appear. can anyone please help??

  3. try to plough tru 8000 tv channels is a bit daunting and a total waste of time.
    besides; will a mexican woman ever have interest in a arabic talkshow? i guess not.

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