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In this short Tutorial we can see how to install IPTV Stalker using Super Repo and how to setup IPTV Simple Client PVR and EPG to work with this cool Kodi (XBMC) addon. If you are successful you will be able to watch more than 650 live tv premium cable and other channels for news, sports, kids, movies, music videos and so on basically for free…

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Kodi or the People that make these addons, i am simply delivering information freely available in the internet for educational purposes only. I don't condone Piracy.

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  1. I’ve followed your guide exactly but have no IPTV Simple client to select??..  & it’s a clean installation of Kodi any help would be appreciated.

  2. Brother I put that link for PVR IPTV Simple Client then pressed OK. Didn’t show screen for Restart…

  3. I was fallowing all your steps I restarted the way you were saying. Still TV icon doesn’t show. I can’t access to the TV may be because I installed latest KODI RC1

    • +Mike Melkumyan make sure u follow the instructions from start to finish, and make extra certain that you have the address typed exactly as me. good luck

  4. Galatis TV Great Video BUT IPTV Stalker keeps failing while I install.. Any suggestions?? Or way around it?? Please help! Thanks a lot


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