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IPTV Android TV BOX with the KODI and Google Play store
This box can do what most big boxes can do for kodi and IPTV
Works better then the MAG 256 and works perfectly with KODI streams.
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This is the Mecool M8s PRO Plus Unboxing and review.
A perfect box for KODI and IPTV
#kodi #teamhusham#iptv

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  1. 1GB of ram in 2018 is just nowhere good enough, and even 8GB of storage is pretty miserly. Just a personal opinion! but I'd stay away from this one, sorry Husham

  2. استاذ هشام اني عايش خارج العراق تحديدا في الهند ولا استطيع مشاهدة القنوات العربيه شنو افضل حل حتى اقدر اشاهدها ؟


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