Amazon Fire TV

Here is a Video Showing you how to Install XBMC on Amazon FireTV which is Running Amazon version of Android OS, and here is Step by step how to


Links you need:

XBMC 13.2 APK direct link:

How to fix FireTV remote:

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    • the USB port on the fire tv is not for anything other then a keyboard or mouse or air mouse. If you want to play from a hard drive it needs to be plugged in to your router. Or you can link to your computer hard drive as well. 

  1. I just followed your perfect guide and it worked perfect, thanks.

    But I can’t make the remote work on the XBMC-onscreen-keybord 🙁
    So I cant add any videosources etc… 

  2. Kent Michaels, i would suggest you copy the correct name of the xbmc file and you just paste it after adb install (   name of the xbmc )  press enter let me know what happend

  3. FYI For the Command window, You can hold SHIFT and right click in the folder to get a menu option “Open Command Window Here”. It will then open a command prompt already in that folder. It is a lot quicker than typing everything or pasting it… Great Video by the way. 

  4. I installed Codi where I need to go or what to doy on my android phone but I don’t know how to get free movies and watch free movies can someone please tell me? Also what does anyone recommend I use to install Kodi… Amazon fire stick a computer hook to my TV or what other device

  5. Found the terminal ,I should load both of these’s address in the terminal, so that they can be put in the router does that sound about right.


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