kodi iptv box

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    • +David Lagnado I just checked it out, and it doesn’t look like it’s set up with IPTV. So you’ll have to manually set that up. Hopefully in the next update he’ll hook us up.

  1. Windows version installed fine, however it won’t open in full fullscreen for some reason? It has the Kodi window banner on the top and the taskbar remains visible at the bottom! Any pointers?
    Solution is to hit Alt+Enter and it sorts it to proper fullscreen 😉

  2. hi, great video. i don’t know why but i get this message check your network connection or your wifi connection or make sure your ethernet cable is connected. any idea why this keeps coming up. i have no issue with my wifi on this computer. thank you for the time and help.

    • +Brenda Barboza no not yet. but another guy from another chanel he emailed me back. he is waiting on me to get home to remote in to fix it or to take a look at it.

    • +Vahan Muradkhanyan Assuming it’s a pc/mac box … make sure your using an admin account as opposed to standard user … make sure it’s not blocked by a firewall or internet manager type program … ran into this yesterday on a neighbors computer, turned out to be f-secure internet manager.

    • +Simon Magus cool thanks man. I’ll look into that when I get home. yah it’s on a PC windows 10. I figured it was something like that since I installed it on my new Microsoft Surface 4 (which runs windows 10) had no problem. thanks again.

  3. hi, i installed the beast just how u said. everything is working fine except my mouse pointer seems to be hidden under the kodi window. how do i fix this. thanks


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