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This guide will walk you through how to install and configure Kodi XBMC on the under $40 Amazon FireTV stick. This will allow you to stream movies and TV from the web, view your local content, integrate android apps such as VEVO or Hulu, and AirPlay. You cannot really find so much for under $40 anywhere else.

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Full Guide –

-Initial FireTV Setup
-2:29 = Install Kodi/XBMC on FireTV
-7:52 = Boot XBMC from FireTV home page via Llama app
-11:07 = Install video addons to stream movies and TV shows from the web
-13:59 = Adjust video calibration to fit your TV screen
-14:32 = Add your local network TV
-16:08 = Boot Android apps from XBMC: Music Videos via VEVO
-17:15 = Use your mobile/cell phone as remote control
-20:13 = Airplay content from your mobile to your TV

Bonus – Integrate your favorite addons shows to your Kodi main page library.


Kodi Software

Amazon FireTV Utility App

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Excerpt from guide at

Preparing Your FireTV
First thing we need to do is enable some settings on our device
• Settings – System – Developer Options
• Enable both boxes
• Turn on ADB Debugging
• Apps from Unknown Sources

Next we need to get the IP address off the FireTV
• System – About – Network
• Take a picture or write down the IP Address

Sending/Installing Kodi and Llama to Your FireTV
Now you will need to leave your FireTV running on the network and head over to a PC/Laptop in the house running on the same network.
Download these two files Located at
Amazon FireTV Utility App

So we now have everything we need to install Kodi on the FireTV.
The first thing we need to do is extract the FireTV Utility App to your C drive root. It is very important to extract it to C: as it will not work if you do not.

When done you will see it on your C drive as “FTV”

In the FTV folder you will see the “Amazon FireTV Utility App.exe”, launch it.

Alright so let’s do this… First we need to connect to the FireTV or FireTV stick by using the IP address you got in the earlier step.
In the top left hand corner if the application press File – Settings and enter your IP address, select normal debug mode, and check for updates at start up.
Save and Close.
It will take you back out to the main application where you will press File – Connect. It will open a dos type screen and show you connect successfully.

Now let’s install Kodi/XBMC.
1. Click the “Select” button and find where you downloaded the ARM version of Kodi
• Select the apk file where it shows up in the field next to select
2. Click “Side Load 3rd Party Application”
• It will open a prompt screen and take a couple of min. You will know it is complete when it shows “C:FTV”

After this completes go ahead and click the “Install Llama” button. This will allow us to launch Kodi from the Amazon home page later. You are done on your PC and the FireTV is now loaded up ready to configure.
Configuring Kodi on your Amazon FireTV
Back on your FireTV let’s go ahead and launch Kodi for the first time. It will initially be location at Settings – Applications – Manage all installed applications

Then at the very bottom you will be able to launch “XBMC” Kodi

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  1. Eric, Try changing the file name to something short with no spaces like kodi.apk

    Again, make sure you originally extracted the utility to your C: and have both of them there.  Let us know

  2. Did you extract the utility app directly onto you C:?  If not, it will not connect.  Extract it again and make sure it’s launch location and files are in C:FTV.  Hopefully that fixes it.

    • I deleted old FTV folder, rebooted PC. Downloaded new .zip and extracted. Ran utility at Admin. Restarted Fire Stick. Verified dev options were still on. Verified IP. Launched utility as admin. Connected. Tried to sideload kodi, same result. Going on 5 minutes with nothing but a blank command prompt window. 

    • yeah I had already done that. I did figure it out though. I was on the same network, but my PC was on LAN and Fire TV was wireless. Same router/network but apparently that matters.

    • +Aaron Buhski Any luck on this Aaron. It didnt make sense to me the wired vs wireless making a difference. I am curious to learn more about what the problem actually was in this instance. Thanks

  3. Guys.  I did another one of these last night and got waiting for device when trying to connect.  I was on wifi with windows 8 on a surface pro 3.  The ip address was correct, but it would not connect.  I tried to ping it and could not do that either.  After some troubleshooting, a reboot of my home wifi fixed everything.  So if you get waiting for device and your ip is correct, reboot your router, recheck your ip, and try again.

  4. Very informative video. Enjoyed! Is there a way to add shortcuts to the home screen. For example the icefilms plugin? Thanks!

  5. the only hassle i have is with the classic tv app bit
    i got kodi setup and llamma ect but i cannot find the classic tv or know how to add it

    can you help

  6. +William Mcclements  Double check your ip address and that you have enabled the adb bugging on the fire tv.

  7. Rashad Francisco Make sure you have the adb debugging enabled on the fire tv and that you ahve the correct ip address.  Did you hit file connect after you put in the ip address?

  8. can’t get Llama to install, anyone have a direct download of the apk, so I can just sideload it, so I won’t have to jump through hoops trying to get it from the app store

  9. Just wondering, is this better than nexflix? Im in the Uk, and only get uk nexflix and not the usa version which is wayy better, What would you suggest?

    • If you want the US Netflix (I’m in the UK so I have to do this), get a good vpn service, I would recommend CyberGhost 5, and choose the USA option. Hope this helps!


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