Can you watch local channels on Roku? Not always but you can watch local news broadcasts on Roku with NewsOn. NewsOn is a Roku channel and IOS, and Android app that allows viewers anywhere in the country to pull in local News from across the country. Buy a Roku here

See our story about NewsOn Here

If you want to see how to watch local news on Roku check out our video on NewsOn. NewsOn is easy to use and features live news, Clips, recorded broadcasts and even national viral content.


  1. I found a way to get my local news, by way of a $6 per month subscription to CBS All Access, which is location oriented to my local CBS affiliate station. That gives me my local live new casts, as well as CBS nightly news live, through my CBS All Access Roku app. It works the same way with the Amazon Fire Stick version as well.

    • Yeah that works, specifically for that one local news channel. I’d highly expect NewsOn to pop onto different formats. CBS All Access is a nice service, but I wanted to give people a free way to do it not try and tell them to buy something 🙂

    • The Streaming Advisor Understood.If the free app you present here had my local station I would go for it. Also, I have the $35 a month deal from Drectv Now, which does not have the CBS network as yet, so the separate $6 a month deal from CBS makes up the difference for me.

  2. @TheStreamingAdvisor love this video! Thanks a lot for your tutorial and review. I noticed you watched WRAL in this video but it is no longer available with this addon. I know they have their own app now but is that the reason it’s not on this app anymore? Or have you heard anything about that? I live in Raleigh area as well. Thanks!

    • I’m not sure if that is why or not. At the time I did the video capitol broadcasting was formally associated with the team behind the app. The WRAL App is one of the best individual local news apps I’ve seen. I want to start doing things around the Raleigh area like information sessions and things like that.

    • The Streaming Advisor yeah it is a nice app. I’ve been using a Mi Box to get Kodi and all of the different addons that I like but in order for me to cut the cord completely I wanted a way to get local broadcast channels seeing as I am around 50-60 miles away from all local stations I figured it would be cheaper to get a Roku that has all of the individual apps for the channels I want to watch. Kodi doesn’t have any addons except for livestream that I can view local channels on! Most I watch are WRAL WFMY & WGHP!


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