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  1. how do i reinstall apps better yet, what apps do i reinstall i did the update but now i cant watch anything. please help

    • +David Castillo yea you can but the apps would probably still be there regardless of who’s signed in cause it’s just one device

    • +nola504boy1 they’re cool but they have ads and they’re aren’t aesthetically pleasing ,I don’t like ugly stuff it has to look nice for me to use it if it ain’t clean and modern and sleek i ain’t touching it ,you can’t customize anything ,in kodi I can change builds themes backgrounds thumbnails fonts everything to be aesthetically pleasing, ever thing people prefer nice looking customizable stuff ?

  2. Hey love the video but I did exactly as you said and it won’t load up… gets to the tvaddons page saying add-on migration in progress and doesn’t go any further #helpplease

  3. For some reason mine didn’t update? My movies and everything works fine but it is showing older movies that has been out of theaters now and not the new ones? Everything works except when I try to search and play a new movie…

    • +Shandreka Bogan your update went fine kodi is it’s own application your movies have nothing to do with kodi add ons are third party

    • Collector Kev thanks for the reply I’ve tried to update my addons too but still nothing is change, do know how I can update them?

  4. Sorry still lost a lil, after the update lost all my movie apps even after uninstalling and reinstalling to see if they would come back help please

  5. On the “live tv” section of kodi my msnbc stream and others just disappeared overnight after working fine. How do I get back?


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