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Upgrade to the newest and safe version of Kodi which is 17.3

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  1. I can’t launch kodi since this update. I get a gray screen and after a minute it’s back to the home screen

  2. Hi Kev, I read your previous replays to others that if they had no apps they had to put the add-ons back on I don’t know how to do that can you please explain . Thank you in advance

  3. HI I tried this it was super easy! It wiped out my old kodi but I can’t get any shows or anything that I had before. Do I need to add a new add- on?

  4. I updated to 17.3 & now when I launch Kodi it takes me to a blue screen that says my library is currently empty. Please help?! ?

  5. Sup Kev. I did the steps you had provided and yet no videos are working for me. I select which kind video I want to use ex) genesis or Phoenix. I go to movies-it just spins? What did I do wrong

  6. The firestick states i need to install a PVR…. I have the movies in my file but am not able to download any to watch..I paused your video and when step by step and it is not working for me… Please tell me where I went wrong…

  7. Why don’t I see the download on the page when I’m on it? It’s the same picture I’m seeing on your but I don’t see the download link


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