wookie for kodi

How to install wookie on Kodi For Beginners – Part 2 – 3 Easy Steps

Installing wookie in 3 easy simple step, the source you need to add

Step 1: Open up Kodi, go to the far right, hover over system then click file manager under system. Click add a source, then type in then name that file what you want i recommend making it “.wookie” and click done.

Step 2: Wait for wookie to pop up, close the wookie pop up, then open it up in your video add-ons. Install the wookie version you prefer i recommend “Retro Wookie” and wait for it to downloand. On average takes around 5 to 10 minutes depending on your internet speed.

Step 3: Power off the device/unplug its power source, depending on what device Kodi is downloaded onto. Turn it back on, re-open Kodi and change the skin, to do so click system then click appearance from there you can change the skin to “Xonfluence”.

There you have it, the full guide to How install wookie on Kodi if you follow this 3 steps you should have the same results as i did. Now you're ready to stream any movie, TV shows, or cable channels you want to watch. Take the time to get used to the layout and don't be afraid to to click around and figure things out on your own. I hope you found my video helpful, if you did please leave a like and if you did not leave a dislike so i can improve in my future videos.

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  1. Easy to understand…for me the best video to install Wookie….one thing, when installed Wookie I got a pop up about clearing deta…I installed it any way…hope it’s not a problem…TheGr8Jeff

  2. I have the fire stick / kodi/wookie I went to go to the manage application and KODI is gone!! idk where it went! and I dont know how to get it back

  3. hi, i installed wookie properly (so i think) but why is it that every movie i try to watch it says no stream available? from kid movie to live tv to movies in the theatre

  4. I followed everything step by step and I’ve got the same problem when i go to kodi, wookie automatically appears and it pops up saying something about add on independies some1 plz help soo frustrating!

  5. See, when I go to Wookie,, it used to say Phoenix, etc, like yours now it just has the basics, video, settings, etc, don’t know what I did wrong

  6. Hi Tyler, my name is Les. I have a G Box Q version. I added the wookie but it seems that I am stuck in “Kodi Intro MP4” mode with no other option. What can I do? Thanks, les.

    • No it’s been ages. So i started again & it seemed to work. I turned it off & on went back into it & wookie was there then screen just changed to kodi screen

    • I’m not sure what it’s called but the red boxes at the bottom are empty no writing in them.
      The picture boxes under these are there. Just been told i my not have the right build for my kodi 16.1


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