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This is the easiest way you can install Kodi on your Firetv or Firestick. No PC required. Just plug and play. Follow the steps below. Please support our channel and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks guys.

1.Select Settings
2.Select System
3.Select Developer Options
4.Select Apps from Unknown Sources and turn ON & Select ADB Debugging & turn ON
5.You will now see a warning message regarding unknown sources.
6.Select OK you can turn off unknown sources later but we need it on to install Kodi
7.Go back to home screen and select Search type ES Explorer. Select
8.Explorer and install it by selecting Get or Download
9.Now launch ES File Explorer and add the following address into Download Manager
10.Click the Download button and Kodi will download
11.You will now see the Kodi installation screen.
12.Click Install
13.Kodi is now installed on your Firestick and can be accessed via Settings, Applications , Manage Installed Applications, Kodi, Launch Application
14.Go to System, File Manager and Add source
15.Type in then name the source then OK
16.Go back and then go to System,Settings,Addons,Install from zip FIle
17.Select the source you created
18.Click Begin Here
19.Click Hub Wizard
20.Select the zip file then OK then go back to the main page
21. Click Programs then Program Addons
23. Click Config Wizard
24. Click ANDROID then click Yes

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    • Edred Flores ⏭yup. It has Indigo that installs everything in Kodi. It will automatically detect the device you’re using.

  1. After following instructions all i’m getting in current release: is v17 Krypton, no Jarvis. What’s up with that?

    • Isah R. Muhammad ⏭there should be an option like that unless you click on something different than the guide. Please review the video and let me know if you still have problems.

    • Steph DiCamillo ⏭your firestick is an Android device. This is an old video so please check out my new videos for an updated methods.

  2. I can not add from zip on my fire tv there is no option to in add on settings , every video shows them being added that way how else can I add the zip files as I can not locate them , thank you

  3. when I go to add fusion it says unable to connect. couldn’t retrieve directory information. this could be due to network not,being connected. what does that mean?

  4. When I click “install from zip file” nothing comes up, so I can’t go onto the next step, wizard… what should I use?

  5. do you know how to get KODI back after its been removed its a long story I had to remove it cause it was acting up

  6. Curious to know how you figured all this out or where you learned how to do all this. Very complicated for me at 71 years of age! I just set up my Fire TV box yesterday so I will attempt adding Kodi this evening using your tutorial and will let you know if I was successful.

    • +Alan Broadbent this is an old video. Please check out my latest ones and I’m sure it will work for you.

    • +Jaime Ancheta This is an old tutorial. Check out my latest videos and subscribe to the channel. I regularly upload Kodi Installation tutorials due to 3rd party builds issues.

    • +Janece WilliamsWilliams This is an old tutorial. Check out my latest videos and subscribe to the channel. I regularly upload Kodi Installation tutorials due to 3rd party builds issues.

  7. I followed the instructions completely I installed Kodi when I open it gives me a Message new controller detected asked me do I want to do it yes or no but my screen freezes up and won’t let me go any further what should I do I tried to pair it it is a game controller fire box

  8. Hi I am a Dragon Box 5 and I’m able to get the Amazon underground any Amazon Prime video and watch them but no problem but if I want to go back into more settings which is in my Stream box I can’t get in there because it boots me out, in there is the surround sound to turn it on security locations Etc the only way I can fix this problem is to do a factory restore which will get rid of the Amazon icons is there any way to fix this problem


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