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Today my Amazon Fire Stick stopped responding to the Fire Remote and even though I just changed to fresh Amazon Basic’s batteries. Luckily I got the Fire TV remote to work by pairing the remote using Bluetooth right after the Fire Stick booted up. INSTRUCTIONS 4 Steps.
1. First I would install brand new triple AAA batteries inside the Fire Remote.
2. Next I would unplug the Fire Stick or Fire TV from the power outlet for 10 seconds.
3. Next I would wait for the Fire TV or Fire Stick to bootup and load all the images and thumbnails of movies and shows onto the screen like it usually does.
4. Once it’s booted up I would try using the remote, if it still doesn’t respond, I would hold the HOME button down for 10 seconds.

For me this didn’t seem to fix my remote problem right away, but within a minute are so, the Bluetooth pairing between my Fire Stick and Fire Remote completed and the remote began working as normal.

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For those who wanted to see how you can cut the cord using only a Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV, go to this website article and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see the Amazon Fire Stick. Enjoy and if you have problems, simply subscribe to my channel because I’ll be doing a complete guide on how you can cut the cord. I’ll show every single step like I always do, so that you don’t get lost on some step.

Take Care!

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  1. Dam it I should have known that you savvy YouTubers would have guessed that I was referring to #Kodi. Anyways, there’s lots of ways of setting up Kodi, do you guys think I should make a video of how I set mine up?

  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: I just recorded the #Kodi installation footage using a brand new technique that is much easier than anything I ever tried before. It won’t be long now. Make sure you’re a SUBSCRIBER so that you’re notified when I post it. #EasyKodi #SimpleKodi #CutTheCord

  3. FINALLY the day is here that some of you voted for. Here’s my How-to Install #Kodi video without using a computer. I tried to make it as short as possible, while making the process #bulletproof. My special version of the #Kodi Installation instructions for all Amazon Firestick and Amazon FireTV devices. You won’t need a computer to install Kodi using my guide, just your #Firestick! BTW: I recorded the footage in 4k, and the file is huge, I’m assuming YouTube will finish processing the file around 6pm for 4k viewing and maybe an hour earlier for 1080p. I hope you like it and STAY TUNED for upcoming Kodi TIP videos. I tried to fit them in, but I didn’t want to make a video over 10 minutes. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF 🙂
    #InstallKodi #KodiInstall #SimpleKodi #EasyKodi

  4. Thank you my friend! I ran into the same issue 5 mins ago. Your instructions did the trick & now my remote is working again!

  5. been trying to get this right for months, but you saved me the time and effort of going out to borrow a remote just so I can set it up to my Wifi


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