kodi iptv box

Use any iptv url list with the iptv simple client as opposed to just the playlist loader. Enable the live tv tab in xbmc or kodi.

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  1. Hi i am looking for spanish and african and careabien, APK files or Kodi addons,please try to find thank you.

  2. Legend – Spent all night trying to sort this out using pastebin and tv icon not showing up. 2 mins of your video and its working a charm. Thanks mate. – LEGEND

    • When these “people” upload videos on YouTube, things “work” at the time video was published. In technology things change constantly and more so in Kodi. These “people” help you totally free, yes they make money through ads but you “people” don’t pay a dime for watching the videos so be a little more appreciative.

  3. High Solo, you got me started maybe about a year ago, when you with the help of your video’s. Thanks. Can this be done on the firestick?

  4. I’m trying to find my pvr simple client which is not there, I seriously need help download so I can watch live tv when I went to enable in the tv add on i got an error message stating that I need at least one pvr

  5. Solomon I have the TV tab and it says loaded 490 channels. I see the entire list in the lineup at the left hand side of the lounge chair but when I click a channel the load arrow flashes while it says working but then it just stops and doesn’t load my channels. ? Help please ?


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