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How to create your own M3U file for IPTV ( December 2014 )

This is a quick guide to creating your own M3u file

– You will need text editor such as notepad
– You will also need the link for url.

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  1. hi +Shane Copeland  glad I helped you mate,
    for any more iptv links try to get them from these links in my webpage http://www.husham.com/?p=7064
    and I will search for you as well

    • +Husham Memar When I downloaded them from your website a month ago, several channels did not wok. I gave up after trying some of your m3u files. I might try again , but it seems these m3u files need constant updating.

    • +Husham Memar can it automatically update the m3u list though? Because ive watched several of your videos..and tried some of the things you mention, and m3u lists with iptv is the most irritating :P. I would try a tutorial of something that autoupdates…not one that needs constant change…

    • Robinhood has the m3u and it automatically update by the people in charge of it. But if u want an m3u then there is the ones from my website but like u said they need updating

  2. Hey Husham,
    Could you please post a link for a working Canadian tv list? Us Canadians have the hardest time living without Canadian content especially channel CP24. If you could, it would be most appreciated.

  3. Hi Husham, I want to purchase one of your subscriptions that you have on your website for IPTV, my only concern here, will this channels freeze sometimes since I am located in the USA ?

  4. this is just copying other people iptv links witch wil go down in some time is there away to make your own iptv link from a website?

  5. salam alaykum , i have a m3u link and i want a website where i can sream it for example my blog is it possible ? thank you

  6. well the issue that i am facing on vlc is that the video dosen’t work more than 20 seconds at least there will be a solution to use more than that

  7. hi thanks for these useful information, is there not anywhere where I can download EPG list of the country or all the channels available ? do I have to create this for myself. ?

  8. Hi there , great work.. but its not working for me… i have tried different ways [ tvg-logo=”\homepublicTV Logodr.png”,DR ] with and with out ” – ” ANY HELP PLZ , and if you know a way to build EPG .. thanks

  9. اخ هشام المحترم من بعد التحية والسلام
    أرجو مساعدتي للحصول على قائمة قنوات free tv list وما هي الطيريقة لتحميلها على الحاسوب وبعد ذللك الى التلفاز عندي هو LG smart tv ولقد تم تحميل البرنامج smart IPtv على التلفاز عندي والسؤال هو الحصول على قائمة وكيف وهل هي مجانية
    عندي ايضا جهاز kodi والسؤال هل يمكن استفادة منه مثلا free IP-TV وشكرا


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