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FREE IPTV STALKER CHANNELS IF YOU PAY ATTENTION!!! (JoeNobody010101) Enjoy AND Share for me guys/gals ~

Thank you. Here’s the link that I’m sharing with you in re-turn ….. . . .

Simply Download that Link to your Downloads forlder to simplify things and unzip it by going into Kodi – System – Add-ons – Install From Zip and find your downloads Folder. Once done, go up one level to Install from Repository and find Neo TV Repository and under Video Add-ons enable Neo TV. Very simple. After that, you should be good. You’ll be golden. Just go into your Video Add-ons from the Kodi main screen and follow the rest of the Tutorial. And remember! Ya really wanna save everything to your Favorites on your very first try. Otherwise, it gets harder to get back in there ~

Now ….. . . .

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Enjoy guys/gals ~



  1. Yea watched it, must admit i did cringe a bit, thought it might have been taking the mick. But fair do’s it works. Cheers Jo

  2. Hey Joe you do a great f****** job. One f****** problem is the f****** link don’t f****** work I appreciate all the f****** s*** you do for us Fox but fix the f****** link for f*** sakes Bada Boom Bada Bing

  3. What country do you live in not in Canada or you are not Canadian so do your research before you say anything about what i am talking about.

  4. How I’m I supposed to put this on amazon fire stick. I put the link you gave me in file manager and tried to unzip it but nothing was in the file.

  5. The download link is a virus! One of those stupid Microsoft warnings to call them before they disable your PC completely. Don’t leave this page….. call immediately…. blah blah blah….

  6. yo i can’t find the IPTV when i go to video-add ons. what am i doing right. I got everything besides being able to install the IPTV. help?

  7. Hey Joe! Waste of time, “could not connect to repository”.
    I did not forget to thumbs down and not subscribe.
    Also, suck my fat balls!

  8. You sonds like you know what you are doing, any ideas how to get Swedish channels to work? tried sevreal ways with noluck at all. thanks in advanced


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