iptv box


A stalkerTV subscription opens a complete library of streaming live tv channels including VOD and live radio.


  1. The Vixo 1 has I believe 90 or so additional widgets compared to 20 with the TVONLINE.   Many of those are games.
    The most popular ones are on the TVONLINE, (one channel, project free tv)  Yes the tv guide works.

    • +TheBigflorin
      I know its been 5 months but you can get emulators for your android box and then set up you server subscription through that. BUT you wont have the same experience as if you bought a AVOV or MAG box.

  2. So very happy with this service so far.. Keep up the great work. I had another service I guess it’s wrong to say who it was but wow nice to talk to someone within a few hours after sending an email 🙂


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