Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon FireTV Stick is a hdmi plug and play streaming device from Amazon. Lets see how well this device handles

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  1. I had a quick question, will this work if the TV has no USB ports? Like per say if I plugged it in with HDMI and had the USB end plugged in to a wall usb outlet will the Firestick still work? If anyone knows please get back to me, thanks 🙂

  2. Why didn’t you show how to set up the wifi? That’s the only reason I was watching the video. You went from plugging it in to the online menu. Useless.

    • my thoughts too. i just ordered this from amazon. i have no cable tv, but do have internet and a att gateway router. i assume it will pick the wifi from my router and ask me for the password. if it’s something more complicated than that, then i’m screwed. plugging it into the tv is the easy part. getting it to work is something else entirely

  3. you MISSED a very important set…. once you connect the FIRE STICK to your tv.. you have to FIND IT on your TV.. SOURCE and then locate the FIRE STICK in the list of the connected devices.. THIS is were so many get hung up as they think it will automatically SHOW UP…. also clarify that you have to go and use the TV’s own remote to locate the SOURCE to select the FIRE TV STICK to use the unit on going…………

  4. do it need to be charged up because mine wont work it will turn on but it will just send me to the websit not to the real thing


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