Amazon Fire TV

How to mirror your Fire OS device or Android phone or tablet to the new Amazon Fire TV stick via Miracast.


    • Fuad Shaqiri Stock Android only supports screen mirroring to chromecast or other Google devices.
      But the phones which have other UI build on top of Android mostly have enable wireless display option. For eg. LeTV Le 2, Oneplus 2, 3, 3T basically mostly companies which build their own UI on android give “enable wireless display” option.

      I also had this query with 3 of my brand new smartphones and later I got it cleared with some research.

    • Open settings, go to Display and at the bottom you’ll find “Cast” . Click that and chose nearby device to cast your phone.

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  2. I don’t have a system settings and my settings button doesn’t include the “wireless display” HELPPP?? What other solutions are there??

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  4. it’s there net connection is must to connect fire tv and android though they are connected to same network of router but without internet connection to router


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