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Link for ADB

Link for FireStarter


  1. Was able to install firestarter on, but when I go to install Kodi the status bar goes all the way complete, but than restarts again.   I have restarted the stick a couple of times to see if that would help, but nothing.

  2. this stopped working on the Ivue part when IPTV Stalker when pay for service so….
    i fresh started and installed mucky ducks and sportsdevil and addon installer from these i put on gorriel streams 2,gigdy up tv and sprotsdevil films on tv  and from the install addons but on Ivue then when i open Ivue and start a link it asked me to pick a source (1st time only) then it works 🙂 not a great write up i kn ow but if you kinda know what your doing then should be enough to get you going maybe its an idea for a new video lol also i deleted a load of the channels i did not need and reordered to suit my needs (press the 3 lines and select channels uncross it to remove press left then up/ down to move then save)

    • +Mark Abbott i cant seem to find the 4films add on? when i select a channel its asking me to choose a stream but neither the gorilla or nor any of the others provide the channels? thank you for you quick response

    • Some are there some are not the sky channels are on sports devil and gorilla the others are on the 4 one not at home at the min to see it but the thumb nail has a 4 on it and it’s grey that has a few more on

    • Click on the channel on Ivue and it will ask you to select a source or press c or the 3lines remove stream and select a new one

  3. Can anyone tell me why i cant open the iVue TVguide add on from the repository? I tried exiting the whole program, reinstalling it, and it does not want to open…. Any suggestions?

    • +Gallanan Countryman oh, thnks i guess…

      but i dnt need it. i know how to sort out everything now. but i don’t even use it anymore. i sold my fire stick.

      you don’t need it if you use a computer.
      you can get kodi on it.

      and i don’t even use it anyway. i would get the movie up a lot quicker on putlocker. or tv series… 😉

  4. Craig —– what kind of router do you have and where is it located? Your streaming is fast and there is no buffering.

    • I’m using a Virgin Superhub 2 using the 5g signal. Its not that far from my TV. I’m on 160meg so that helps lol

  5. Craig—- What did you do to customize Kodi’s home screen? What are you using to customize it? The screen that first comes up after you launch Kodi. Under Programs it is very clean, neat and organized. You have Genesis, Phoenix, iVue, etc.. Please explain how I can get my screen under Programs to look clean.

    • It’s a Samsung 55″ 55h6400 I think the model number is, I’ve been saying for months now I’m going to get a new 4k one, glad I waited as the new 4k’s have HDR


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