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I didn't notice until I'd finished this video that on the adbFire process I clicked EDIT, if your starting from fresh you'll need to click NEW, then if you decide to do another stick for yourself or somebody click EDIT.

All the links to the programs you need as listed below;



    • +Jesse Banks They are suppose to have 2 different IP addresses. You can’t change that. Go to your Firestick settings and write down the IP address and put that address in the ADBfire program. You don’t even need to bother knowing what your computers IP address is.

  1. Mr Craig – great great tutorial – thank you – just one thing is this all behind a VPN or can you run in to copyright issues when streaming sport etc?

  2. i just got the fire tv and when im adding in the montrealandroidtv part and i go to the next stage to install from zip. theres nothing found. i have typed it correctly and have no idea what to do next

  3. I trying to set up a new stick (for parents) got kodi on, trying to get Genesis loaded but everything I try won’t load or I can’t find kodi? Any idea where I could be going wrong? Thanks xxx

  4. Hi i am trying to install new firestick for a friend but cant get it to do it directly from es on amazon stick , when I click ARM nothing happens can you help please x

    • Have you turned developer options on? Try turning your router off and back on again. Also what network you with? BT or Sky, if your with either check you haven’t got Sky Shields or BT Smart Setup turned on


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