Amazon Fire TV

A tutorial on how to adjust your router settings to allow a fire tv or fire tv stick to connect.


  1. I’ve been using my amazon fire stick with kodi for awhile now. everything’s been working fine. I just watched a show this morning. then had to run to the store for something, so I put it to sleep and turn my TV off. I just got back about an hour later, and I was turning everything back on. well my Internet is fine. I’m on it through WiFi on my phone now. but the fire stick wont load the home screen. I’ve done reset everything over and over again gave it time to reset, and still nothing. my remote works fine and it’s connected to my WiFi. but it still says “We are unable to connect to Amazon services” it’s never done this. had it for about 6 months now. please help. I don’t want to have to factory reset and loose everything! -Thank You

  2. I switch mine on and i get the home screen and then it says ‘network connection lost’…….ive reset the hub and my stick and nothing is working..just says wifi connected but its not connected to internet…everything else is connected..laptop/phones etc etc..whats going on?

  3. I turned off my firewall on my computer,, then reconnected my wifi password connection.. and turned my firewall back on.. thanks.

  4. make sure your firestick is plugged into its own socket and not an extension cable just tried it as someone else said and it actually works

    • my firestick has been connecting to my phones hotspot, now it keeps saying connecting to a network but never connects. on my phone it will not locate the amazon stick at all like b4

  5. Hi. Your tutorial was helpful, however I can not access the arris/pace login page like you did. I entered,, & in the browser and hit enter and NONE of them will come up at all to show the login page. I need help! It’s already frustrating enough to not to be able to connect my fire stick.

  6. Awesome fix, man. Thanks. For those with simpler router menus, just turning off your firewall on IPv4 and IPv6 is enough.

  7. My Fire stick was completely working fine with kodi then all of a sudden Kodi resets then gives me the “Home is not available” then my remote stops working. What is there I can do?

  8. Thanks the firewall was not my issue I called Amazon and I needed to reset my firestick I unplugged from wall and waited 2-3 min plugged it back in and it working again

  9. Hi our problem is when we go on kodi after a while it kicks us out of kodi and says no signal. but we are still on the amazon home page. Do you have any help fo me please we have the fitrstick

  10. I have an Arris as well and it gave me the same login info you have. I did the exact same thing as you putting into my url and it didn’t pop up the same way as yours did

  11. it’s there net connection is must to connect fire tv and android though they are connected to same network of router but without internet connection to router

  12. You are really telling people to turn off all security on their router to get their firestick to work? Your right, people would not typically try to steal your facebook email and password, but if you do any banking, you are now giving anyone access to capture that traffic. Leaving it open also allows a neighbor to connect and download illegal information, which you will now be responsible for due to it happening from your public IP address. If this is a temporary test, sure you can try it, but this is certainly not the solution to get your firestick to work. Also, there are not many times you would need to ping your router. If you are trouble shooting something, turn pinging back on, but that is not going to fix your firestick issues. Please do not not give advice that is going to jeopardize someone’s network security without some actual knowledge on what those settings are actually doing.

    • Thats not true. Any device you are using has security also. Your phone, comp,, mac, all have firewalls and security also. Anyone capapble of getting through the security on your devices, can also get through it on your router. Especially when it comes to firewalls being there from your cable company to control what you can and cant connect.

  13. thanks I’m going to try this later on today unfortunately I cannot connect to my Amazon stick it was working fine now it says connection with problems and now everything will not load the homepage will come on but then it a loose connection and then come back on I called Comcast and explain to them what was going on and they said call Amazon so I hope this will work


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