Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 – Black Friday SALE 24.99
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GPU: Mali 450
8GB Internal Storage
Dual band Wifi AC
Bluetooth v 4.1
HDMI v1.4
Supports Dolby DTS HD, 5.1, 7.1
Alexa Remote control

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  1. The sole reason I went with the Fire Stick over any other Android box is the full HD support by Netflix. Shame that Google will be blocking YouTube on this device in the new year. Would love to see a review on the 4K Fire TV box that just came out.

  2. These will burn out on you after time hdmi on tv will not pick up firestick…..happend to mine and no it wasnt my hdmi ports tried my ps4 in them and it worked fine had my stick for.2 years guess i got my cheap moneys worth

  3. Can someone tell me if this related to Amazon prime or I have to buy this tv stick separate. And if anyone tell me what can I do with both. Ik I will be available to see amazing streaming and Amazon music in the stick if I buy amazon prime or I shouldn't buy the stick tv Ik I wont have tv channels if I dont get tv stick.

  4. Just ordered mines for 39.99 will be arriving Saturday I'm excited. I have a Chromecast but I don't like that I have to connect to my phone to use it

  5. I have an issue my Alexa firestick only turns on if i unplug the electric plug. If i push home button it doesnt turn on. This is my second stick did i do something wrong? It works well just doesnt turn on without unpugging, please help me!

  6. Great review. I still have our TV5 box you recommended hooked up to the main TV but would you recommend this if the sole use is to be Netflix and something low cost is required? It's for an additional (non smart) tv and the TV5 doesn't run Netflix very well, which I've heard can be the case for a number of android boxes.Thanks

  7. Omg thank you so much, I spent almost 1 day to watching all of review fire tv stick but nobody said about Youtube App. Finally I found on your video. So thank you so much. I got to go buy one. 👍🏼


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