Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV – Pros & Cons (Worth it or Waste?)

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  1. Hi, nice review! I currently have a KIndle hd ( not hdx) and use an hdmi cable to mirror onto my hdtv. Do you think I could do the same if I had Fire tv?

  2. Can it stop your kid from downloading or accepting a game or show that is not free? Because if not, then the system has your credit card on file and WILL charge you no exceptions!

    • Rosemary Williams You need to setup the restrictions of purchases to require your password when purchasing something. Even if you don’t have kids it’s a smart thing to do.

  3. Half of this video is the guy telling you how great it is at playing games, but this device is primarily for television, not games. Trust me, it is much better at TV despite the impression you may have after watching this video.

    • +Cornell Daniel There are apps, but they’re usually garbage. They only show prerecorded things, and they’re hardly updated enough. For local news, it’s best to have an antenna. For CNN, there’s CNN-Go. I haven’t tested it yet but I think it has a subscription. So based on your budget, that’s either going to suck or still be worth it since it will be way less than paying for cable.

  4. Amazon Fire TV – Pros & Cons (Worth it or Waste?)my opinion it’s to locked down you could get a android box and game controller cheaper and lollipop don’t let you utilize the 32 gb sd card as it should even with root i have problems with system memory getting full and no custom roms to fix the problem as of yet so if you want root and to side load every game under the sun and google play and kodi just drop alittle more and go with the nivida sheald and save your self the headache of have to read a 1000 how to blogs

  5. can you play online when on the games I would like to see the audio book though being able to hook bluetooth headphones for the games

  6. Please just bought a fire stick but I  cannot get the remote to work tried many times read the instruction but nothing.

  7. You still have to pay for high speed internet services,why buy this and purchase amazon tv? i will stick to dish network….

  8. I just added a “SD” card to my new Amazon Fire TV box and now I have a small blue icon of a SD Card on a white background surrounded by a blue circle. This icon is on the far right center side of my TV screen. Do you have an idea how I can get did of this annoying icon… Is it a setting that’s doing this?
    Thanks for your help…

  9. How is the Firestick different from just using an Xbox to access all these apps? Am I missing something?

  10. So my question is, sports. Can you watch sports on it? Live? Maybe a few seconds behind on buffer? What about regular TV shows? For example, there’s no way I could talk my wife into this if she can’t watch her shows like bachelorette, this is us, etc.


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