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Amazon Fire TV CUBE Is DEAD Already! (2018) Amazon Fire TV Cube official unboxing & First Impressions hands on review to come soon! Specs and price / specifications, release date, launch and official video have been confirmed! This video is my response!

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  1. Video's like these kill me. The have such a huge following but, lil ole me. Whose whole house is Alexa activated but I love it. I like being able to change channels. But I also like the fact it can be used with my cable box and PS4 and my XBox. But youuuuuuuuu think it cost too much. But your opinion means nothing to me.

  2. To be honest it is the voice aspect that made me purchase it, I've taught my 3 year old to be able to turn his cartoons on with it. My main disappointment is there is no real USB port so I can use apps I've downloaded and the mouse toggle doesnt work even today. My main frustration is I cant use the apps I want without having a mouse. My android box kills this but no voice option, it is a gimmick, I'm not to happy but I own it so I will see if any fixes come to be.

  3. Spec wise, this device is little different from a Raspberry-pi 3+ which sells for under 30 quid, so why the 3x to 5x price difference? Surely it can't just be the Amazon software (which is basically just a shit, cut down version of Android) or the cheap plastic box, so what is it?

    I know Amazon don't need the money to pay big tax bills (cough) or to pay for better working conditions and wages for their staff (cough cough) so why the high price for such low end spec?

  4. Good video buddy Amazon had chance to make something special and knock the shield but the didn't. If I Jeff boxeo or whatever he is I'd sack the dick that wasted development and PR on this and relaunch with big power upgrade to hit nvidia shield

  5. i've got one Smat tv….another TV with chromeast…..Netflix…how many streaming services am I going to run> Could be a great item for someone who has Amaon Prime video…..I don't.

  6. ok yes the specs and definitely could have been better but i just picked mine up on prime day for 89 us and so far am liking it. i currently have a pretty integrated smart home set up with my multiple echo dots and several alexa controlled device, i also have 2 fire tv sticks, the reason i bought the cube was because it combines the 2 devices into one plus with the smart hdmi link and ir blaster it allows me to control everything with out a remote it will even tune to the right tv input for the device. all an all if your into the amazon fire devices or Alexa enabled devices i think you will like this merger of the 2

  7. It may not be for early adopter people that already have Alexa but it's perfect for people first time with a voice activate device. It does everything I wanted. It replaced my Harmony. Don't be trippin when you haven't even test it. Sucks 2 B U.

  8. I've got a Dot, Stick, and FireTV. I have zero interest in this "upgrade."
    I can control everything through my PC, remote, phone, or tablet. I tend to agree with you: if this "upgrade" has any chance of being a hero, the potential buyers already have what they want.

  9. I have a lot of Amazon product, including the original Alexa, the Show and Dot. I have other Fire TV dongles as well. I have a smart home with smart TVs. The Fire TV Cube has been an awesome addition. Partly for its streaming, but mostly for it setup and voice integration. It allow you to select other devices setting up both the TV HDMI port and the Receiver's HDMI port and well as the audio source. This means I can utilize the HDI ports on my TV and on the Receiver and access them through voice! I say "Alexa, go to CNN" and it changes my TV HDMI Port to HDMI 2 and my Receiver to TV Audio. I say "Alexa, switch to game console" and it changes my TV to HDMI 1 (video from my receiver) and my Receiver to "Game" (audio and video on that HDMI).

  10. Amazon is feeling the pain. This week, it's already cut the price down to $89.99 Retail .. which is as good as Prime Day and the launch, but now at retail.
    I wish it weren't so underpowered. With this price cut, I have to think that they are going to have to upgrade the specs.

  11. You pretty much nailed it. I already bought the echo device. So the only thing I was going to get from the fire tv box is 4k tv. And to be honest, even though I have a 4k tv, I just don't use that feature. I thought about purchasing the fire tv and just decided not to. If I decide I need a another echo device, I may think about this as an alternative.


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