When Amazon officially announced its new Fire TV Cube, the device was oversimplified in headlines as a Fire TV stick and Echo speaker crammed together into a glossy black box. The fact that the Fire TV Cube would be able to control a TV was almost a footnote, and descriptions of those capabilities were often limited to turning the TV on and off and its volume up and down. Turns out, the Fire TV Cube is way more advanced than that. Way more.

True, the Fire TV Cube puts Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in a Fire TV device for the first time, but thanks to HDMI CEC and an IR blaster, the Fire TV Cube makes you master of your entire entertainment system – even if it is complicated – using the power of your voice. On paper it sounds great. In practice, it’s far better than we expected.

You won’t be throwing your remote controls in a garbage bin and saying goodbye forever, but the Fire TV Cube will allow you to stuff those button-laden wands in a drawer and forget about them for at least a few days at a time.

That’s only part of the reason why the Amazon Fire TV Cube is our new favorite streaming box – and this coming from a die-hard Roku fan.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Unfortunately, halfway through my Echo accepted your instructions and turned off the TV I was watching your video on. So, maybe consider not using the keyword in your videos in the future 😀

  2. I really like the look of the cube and it's software just wish amazon would give all the other devices the same software as the cube. So the people already in alexa eco can get all these new features what do they expect us all to do get rid of the one we already have and replace them with a cube ?

  3. I had to move my echo to table next to couch in order for it to correctly hear commands without sound blocking it. turn your sound up like it would be for during a movie (i mean, you have a surround sound so obviously it's going to be higher volume) then do a video.

  4. Its a shame we don't have this in the UK yet as its prime day today as well. Will have to wait. Not that I don't already have 2 apple TVs, 2 chromecasts and a fire TV stick. But this is more useful as it can control my TV.

  5. When you tell the cube to play Netflix for example how will it know which imput to change ( for home theater receiver )
    For example in order to get aufio player on my smart TV I have to switch the receiver to TV. But when I want to watch cable I have switch my imput to HDMI 1

  6. I mostly just hold the remote and give the commands without saying Alexa. It's faster that way. It gets annoying when you keep repeating Alexa. Routine feature is the best thing about the Cube.

  7. Hello. Nice, professional review! One question, though. Can I control my DVR player with the Cube? Comcast Xfinity X1, I think. I record a lot of baseball games and it's always exactly 2 minutes for commercial breaks. I'd be really happy if I could say, "Alexa, fast forward two minutes" and have it do that for me automatically each time.

  8. so do u need a smart tv for this and does it have to be a certain tv? like u said the roku tv i thinnk i heard u say. will a samsung / vizio / what brand smart tv ou have will it work for that. and will it control the xbox one? or does it have to be the playstation 4

  9. I have it & I've sent my back to Amazon within the first month. The cube has a mind of it's own. I was watching Netflix & the movie stopped in the middle of the movie and the fire TV came on then it went to settings and was going back n forth on it's own. The 2nd one I got was slightly better but still having some small issues.

  10. Amazon fire tv k does the same thing and I don't even use the voice commands I like the remote and I got it for $ 49.00 on QVC when it was TSV. You could have 3 FIre tv k for one of the cube price I can't believe people are that dumb that they get screw. What for the next TSV and but 3 for the price of one sell the other two Ching Ching


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