Amazon Fire TV

Just what the description says mirror and AirPlay on fire tv stick with AirPlay upnp


    • yes if you have an iPhone 4s and above you can mirror or airplay anything from your phone or iPad to the stick or fire tv

  1. is there a way to do this without having a wifi network? I’m trying to use my iPhone’s network to watch Netflix? I have a Apple TV (it’s the very first Apple tv) also. my Galaxy S7 Edge will do it no problem but I’m trying to use my kids iphone to stream to their TV. not sure if it’s possible I’ve looked everywhere and I see you either have to have wifi or hotspot.

  2. If you are wanting to do other things than stream games and such to your fire stick like say watch certain movies on a certain website than just download TV cast on the fire stick and IOS, it’s free.

  3. why is this a video SO LONG? instead of playing with your phone for 8 minutes, just tell us HOW to link the stick and the iphone?

  4. Air play and YouTube work fine, but when it comes to watching any other videos in full screen such as online for example it does not work, unless I am missing something?


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