kodi iptv box

How to add several iptv urls to one pvr simple client and use them at the same time on xbmc or kodi.

Download extra pvr simple clients from here:

New channel:


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  1. Hey Solo,

    Can you put a Link to your Channel Playlist, i see you have alot of HD channels and Goodies in there Lol… also include a Link to Campus Channel Link… I’m gonna use them as single and just type switch them as i need them.

    Gracias my bro!

  2. Will this work on the FireTV? When ever I install from zip I received the error message add on does not have the correct structure”!
    Any idea what I’m doing wrong! Oh! GREAT job

  3. Thus is very useful. I needed to use the list that I choose, because I set this up for my family to use. They are not as tech savy as us. Thanks +Husham and +solo man

  4. Hey Soloman,
    How would I set up the m3u play list path to a special folder in order to back up from my computer and then reload my back up to my android box?

  5. AWESOME !! REALLY THANKS MAN! Now i need to figure out how to connect my DVBT 2 to my Android Box and Kodi ^^ hard to do ^^

  6. I have nextpvr backend for my OTA local chanels. Is there a way to have the IPTV channels and the OTA channels all on one EPG and integrated with a timed PVR?

  7. i am lost. lets say i have iptv from playersklub and another source i pay for….how do i merge together. i learn by watching, reading and writing. i am missing something can you email me with a written out script of how to do this. you downloaded from a google drive. i typed in the url for the one i purchased and am doing playersklub later today. Neither are in a google drive.

    appreciate your patients. the sooner i grasp the iptv idea with kodi i can cut the cord looking to be proficiently​ enough to get by before next cable bill or sooner


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