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We were really excited to get our hands on the Fire TV Cube, until we discovered some issues that really killed the streaming experience.

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  1. «5 Reasons NOT to Buy Amazon's Fire TV Cube» WoW!!! A BAD review from APPLE INSIDER about an AMAZON product… 👎🏽 You know you can take that to the bank. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 On the positive side, you didn't write «5 Reasons to NOT Buy Amazon's Fire TV Cube», like 99% of americans would split the infinitive… 👍🏽

  2. How about some curls if you insist on showing your “guns”? Anyway all these content boxes are going nowhere fast. Most people watch things on their mobile device with the occasional cast or AirPlay transfer.

  3. I'm using a fire tv cube to control my projector (can only turn it on, not off because that's more than one button press), my AV receiver, ps4, and a digital tuner box for OTA tv. I personally love this device. It is not slow as the video claims. It responds to my commands to mute, turn volume up/down, turn TV (aka projector) on instantly.

    The complaint about having to turn the volume from 10% to 100% in 9 commands is valid, but not the cubes fault really. The only way it can turn the volume up/down is to send the IR command over and over again. They probably don't want to give the option of turning it up all the way (just send 100 commands no matter what) because someone might fire that command off by accident and imagine how loud that could be if you have a good surround sound system. Let's just say, if it happened to me I'd have a police officer at my door within minutes.

  4. Oh yeah like this video is impartial.. buy Apple don’t buy Amazon. Even though the Fire TV is more advanced and nearly half the cost with a damn site better remote! Shameless Apple fanboy video.

  5. This is so bias. I had the Roku 4K streaming stick for 2 weeks and was not impressed. The menus seemed old and was a pain to get around in. I don't care for Apple products since their phones and tablets are not used friendly to me. I have had the cube for almost 2 weeks and I like it. I just added a new A/V receiver to my living room and that has made it easier to use now. The only downside is I have Google Fiber and the Cube isn't compatible with it yet. I don't mind changing channels so now big deal. I like it for finding a movie and having it play it voice command. I have a Google Mini in the room as well and the Cube seems more responsive then the mini. Also play music through the Cube sounds better then the Mini. I will probably keep it.

  6. Why? Apple imac G4, 2002… 16 years ago, an antique!! On your stage set? If your reporting modern computing devices? Maybe you wish for the days of Steve Jobs and a company that was progressive, tried new ideas, instead of just selling the same old stuff for every increasing amounts of money?


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