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Watch this video first, if your having problems I have uploaded a newer video with the latest version of adblink and kodi watch it here

NEW 2017 for those having trouble figuring out how to add the addons for the New KODI 17 watch my new video here on how to configure the custom addons

New 2016 How to install Kodi 15.2 with all the best add ons on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Boxes. For Mac, The Windows version is the Same program and same steps.

Please note that Kodi is a separate stand alone media center. TVaddons and any other plugins are separate and not related to Kodi or their developers.

Updated April 9, 2016

*****NOTE****** Fire OS breaks firestarter. The good news is you no longer need Firestarter as Kodi will show up in the recent menu and you can launch from there. Or you can download firestopper from here and install it instead of Firestarter.

How to install Kodi XBMC on Amazon FireTV box 2 & Stick

How to install XBMC KODI on Amazon fire tv stick on MAC

Download adbfire here

Download KODI XBMC here you want the android arm version

Enable USB Debugging on the Fire TV
From the Fire TV Home screen, select Settings
Go to System Developer Options
Enable both the ADB Debugging and the Apps from Unknown Sources options.

Go to System About Network, and take note of the Fire TV's IP address.

Launch adbfire and click new. Enter in your IP address of your firetv
Select connect and then install apk. Browse to your downloaded version of Kodi (xbmc) and select it. wait for it to say complete.

If it fails to install or fails to connect, and you're sure that your IP is right (double check it changes) and ADB is enabled and unknown sources. Restart your computer and restart your fire stick and try again. Multiple users have reported failure until a reboot. If it still fails check to make sure you are not running any firewalls or anti virus software that is blocking it. Most users that get stuck at this stage it is because there IP address changed and they did not realize it.

Apparently the Firestarter option is no longer available download firestopper here Do a google search for Firestoper and download the apk then manually install it the same way you did Kodi.

Or Download it from here

Launch Firestarter on the Fire TV:

From the Fire TV Home screen, select Settings
Select Applications
Find and select Firestarter
Select Launch Application
You can now setup your settings in firestarter. Use the home button by default to launch firestarter then Kodi.


Launch Kodi on the Fire TV
From the Fire TV Home screen, select Settings
Select Applications
Find and select Kodi
Select Launch Application

Run KODI. Go to System then File Manager then Add Source. Enter in the Address put fusion for the name of the media source. Select ok.

Then go to System – Settings – Add-ons – Install from zip file – Fusion – start-here –

Once thats done go to programs and config wizard. Follow the steps. FireTV is no longer an option due to copyright issues. Click on Android instead.

For those that are getting log file errors. You have to adjust your security settings in your mac to allow all apps. The you have to copy ADBFire to you apps folder and run it from there. It has to be installed in your apps folder.

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  1. I’ve gotten all the way to installing the apk, once I click on that my kodi download is not able to be highlighted and used to install… I’m using a Mac, how do I use Kodi for install of apk?

  2. On Firestarter, I change setting for my home button on my voice remote to fire kodi on startup and on first click, and fire tv on double click. The option still doesn’t work when i click the home button. I close app, it saves settings, i tried restarting the firestick. It still doesn’t work and home button always brings me to fire tv home.

    • H J C you have to go into the settings and allow installation from unknown sources then approve each add on the menus are different in 17

    • yes a PC or MAC or linux. there is a way to do it without a computer using ES FileExplorer and the web browser feature

    • Rad Macks thank you for the quick response! So if I have smart tvs with a web browser can I do it without a computer? i don’t have a pc just a bunch of smart tvs,tablets and phones. And the box of course.

    • Rad Macks ok I got the es explorer and added the kodi on there. I kept searching on youtube lol. Do I also need to add the fire tv? At this point the kodi on there and it’s just the blue screen with bubbles,no shows yet. I can’t find a tutorial for the fire tv add without computer.


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