iptv free

Please play in 720p HD or higher, Enjoy!

New Update!
19 jan,
Start the .bat file and simply follow the step.
Press 1, enter source link and you are good to go!

[Download Version 2] (2).rar
Includes {
read me.txt
Get Started.bat
Also some new updated streaming sources form 2015 to watch to understand how it works!

by Dj Saitto


  1. @Daniel Rika
    you have a linked comment so i cant replay you, hope you will notice the respond anyway.
    Version one includes the exe file that provide you a streaming service, also a batch file to make it easier for you, to simply type the source URL whos pointed at the streaming host. 

    Version 2 comes with a read me file, batch file is updated, but the exe file is the same. 
    The batch files does also include a hardcoded option for you to watch a streaming links that i have put in, to see how it looks and works!
    Remeber that these source URL links need to be up to date, so they might not work after some months.

  2. If anyone stil want this compiled service from me, comment or send me a message.
    Reason, I don’t have my Mediafire account anymore.


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