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Better than expected! Find FLAWLESS-IPTV on Facebook Private Group Page.


  1. Save your money if you hope to use this for USA Channels because most are unreliable or simply not USA feeds but Canadian or other country feeds sold as USA feeds!! also if you do not like the service after paying no refunds are given!!

    • Refunds are given where the issue is either something to do with the service or out on control on the end user such as the ISP using a poor transatlantic link.
      USA channels are local where possible and other IPTV services use a similar provider. Also certain channels are Canada because the supplier uses the Dish Network for the source and the Canada version apart from local programming shows the same main content as the US counterpart at the same times such as The CW and Arrow.

      Better to give all the fact rather then post because you are disgruntled.

    • Mark Gould so it’s ok to sell HGTV and a few other channels and claim they are USA Feeds but actually Canadian feeds to your customers right?

  2. I have been using the service since mid December. I actually like the service. USA channels work 95% of the time. Use it mostly for sports and kids channels. Their Facebook group page offers good help with good response. I am not endorsing FLAWLESS-IPTV, just offering a honest review. So far everything has been decent for me. If there are any other services anyone has tried please feel free to comment.

    • Earl Hammer Jr because they probably dont provide true hd streams. if you have them then go bother them. Nobody forces you to use Flawless and everyone is welcome to free trial to judge themselves so you opinion isn’t worth much

    • People just please be aware that flawless iptv, ace iptv, peace country iptv, media hub iptv all these places streams come from the same place so do yourself a favor and don’t be scammed by these fools!!

  3. As you all can see from comment below, some people’s experience with IPTV services can be both bitter and sweet. So here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for and using IPTV subscriptions.
    1. NO IPTV SERIVCE IS PERFECT. Even the biggest of all SLING can have issues.
    2. YES streaming quality can have many factors. The device being used, your ISP service speed you pay for, your device configuration, and yes the IPTV provider you choose. Yet dont let these things discourage you!
    3. When looking for a IPTV provider (many can be found on facebook) customer service is important. Especially for newbies. Many providers use a facebook group page to help. How well they respond to help, questions, and their understanding is a big plus.
    4. Channels can and do go down. Buffing can be a little irritating. But this is where picking the right provider comes into play. Good providers will post about known problems, issues, and have a time frame for the fix. A good provider will usually fix the channel fairly quickly. A poor provider will do nothing and your left with that. A good provider will respond to a issue you may have in a short amount time without you feeling nagy. A poor provider will get irritated with every little issue or question you may have.
    5. Dont get picky about the little things. I could care less where a stream comes from. If i am watching CNN USA and the commercials are Canadian, WHO CARES! If its an USA channel and its streaming well, then thats enough for me. Yeah it stinks sometimes when you want to watch something and it doesnt work or doesnt work will. RELAX! With a good provider, this doesnt happen as often as others and is usually fixed in a short amout of time.
    6. Be weary of the providers that offer a huge amount of channels. The more channels they have the more they have to monitor those channels. Just imagine having to manually check all those channels to see if they are working. In my OPINION the more channels the more problems….BUT THAT IS JUST WHAT I HAVE NOTICED!
    7. Lastly, most IPTV providers are hobbyist providing a service for a extremely nominal fee. Again the good providers care, love, and enjoy doing what they do.

    I hope this helps a little with your IPTV search. If you work a lot, not home much, only watch certain live channels or live events, have kids, and want to save money then IPTV could be for you. As long as you keep in mind that the IPTV subscription fee FAR OUT WEIGHTS the cost of tradition TV service. Even with some of the issues that IPTV sometimes have. I have tested 6 providers found on facebook. Flawless so far is at or near the top of IPTV providers. I am not affiliated in anyway with them nor am i a reseller. Just a amateur KODI DEV that is try to bring a little more help and understanding to the fast growing INTERNET MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT world.


    • Hi Laredo I completely agree with your information. Do you personally use a paid IPTV service and if so, what provider do you use?

      I am not on FaceBook and have no desire to join, but searching the internet for a decent IPTV provider that has good customer service is exhausting. Thanks!!

    • Al Fred I still use flawless. I have found others on facebook. There are so many! Some have free trials too like flawless. I keep flawless because…well It does always work and good customer service. Besides the only thing live i watch is sports and news. Again I’m not promoting. Just me as a user opinion. Thanks for commenting!

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