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Zgemma is it dead or dying? Zgemma missing channels are a problem for some people and i talk about this and other options that are available out there to you.




I have created a ZGEMMA page on my website now which I will populating with information, check it out please!

I would choose cable over satellite now, Sky subs are dying but virgin media on zgemma is more reliable at the moment and you get the HD channels too. IPTV is a good option too, but not had first hand experience with it yet.

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    • Jess Jf no you won’t. you’ll need some sort of virgin cable coming into your house, just like you do with your sky dish, you need either virgin broadband line coming into the house or Virgin TV line coming in and then youd plug that into your zgemma h2h

  1. Good summary on the possible way forward with solutions. I was thinking VM is the best way forward, but I’m a bit hesitant to think the encryption applied by Sky will be then somehow adopted by VM and we will be back to where we are now.

    • +sound bwoy​
      we have had a great time from funcards
      to eurovox. blades to zegemma..
      if i had i zegemma h2h for instance i would risk a v/m sub no channel loss . so cor now good
      i bought a mag256 on iptv
      i am offshore but home late tonight.. simple to set up
      and my line provider is giving me a 48 hour test.
      not expensive. but i will report back . if its good i get a sub. if not keep looking

    • Stussy H. Yes i made a major boo boo in not getting the h2h, so i think until the Sky issue is one way or another ended. I will keep to what i have. Please keep us updated with your experiences with iptv as that does sound like the eventual root we will be going down i believe

    • +sound bwoy
      if you d/load
      woosh build for
      iptv section on that build
      free trials.. easy to set a portal up.
      you will need mac address
      off your zegemma
      the rest is self explanatory

  2. Although the channels which have been blocked isn’t a major impact I still took out a IPTV sub on a spare android box for three months. Been fine so far. Worth noting key features like PVR recording and dual feed is still important to most so the Zgemma H2H is the way to go if you want it all.

  3. hi can you tell me how to get it on vigin media do I need a special box or can I use my v8s box thanks let me no thanks

  4. hi ive just got this on my smart tv is there a way i can put the channels in categories? and is it as good on a smrt tv

  5. hi im looking at a new system and have seen the dreamlink t1 plus..its got mag and kodi..what do people think

  6. Got the tv app it’s perfect as you use the tv remote to change channels and the service is perfect all the sports channels normal tv ie BBC sky one and even American entertainment as well as Vod ?


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