kodi iptv box

Make your very own iptv list. Add your favorite channels and update your own m3u url, watch your favorite tv channels from around the world.

Solo Man iptv url:

Pros N Cons channel:




    • get a usb stick make a m3u list file copy that m3u list file on the usb stick load it on the android device when you have the usb stick on you android

  1. GOOD VIDEO but you missed the point..How to create MU3 LIST yourself with extantion…rather than the link..hope you can answer it

  2. Hey solo man nice video. If you you cannot find a channel link on pastebin, how else can you find working links? Trying to replicate the local BHN channel list in Orlando.

  3. hi, is there anyway to import the list so it shows under live TV?

    p.s everything in the live playlist only plays for about ten seconds. is that normal?

  4. where or how do i get the link/url?
    i got the Smart iptv app installed on my tv. im just having a hard time figuring out this part.

  5. I tried many channel to add to PVR client (TV) from pastebin.com (m3u file) they are all only working for 20-30 seconds and then stops. Need a help please. Even I have add to “Playlist Loader” as a new play list, its same thing. And same thing on MAG 254…

    Thank You

  6. whats the point of this to add your own channels and update then evry 2 3 days if they stop working for some reason its better to buy a sub on iptv?

  7. when using the most common site for m3u lists “00000bin” you just might notice that all or most of the channels work but after down loading it its dead? well in my opinion the site is blocking you. its a big ?????????????

  8. What is sad is the US IPTV have very few working free channels. Lucky if you find 20 and most of those are mainly sports.
    So until they get more channels here in the US it will NEVER get close to replacing cable or antenna.

  9. Nice video, but why is it the list will go down after creating a working list without expiration, can you explain this solo man. thanks


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