kodi iptv box


If you wanna watch LIVE TV on XBMC/KODI then ya gonna wanna Subscribe because I got new UPDATED LIVE TV ADD-ONS for ya ~


  1. Joe could you do a video for buffering what is best and what not tried a few but want to know more and why to solve my problem .please

  2. That was classic, Joe. Can I do the same for my significant other? I’ve been getting “Authorization Failed” for YEARS with that particular add-on…

  3. OMG!! I know this is an old vid but HOT DAMN- this fix worked!! My first time seeing the IPTV menu, I’ve been looking for wants wrong for like a month now! Hellz yea! A thousand thanks luv!

  4. Eventually worked for me. Some disabling and uninstalling involved and then it just worked. Just keep trying the steps above. I’m currently watching the American Hero Channel. No idea what the f*ck it is but I’m watching it because I CAN! The MAC that works for me here in the UK is 00:1A:79:00:00:00 (as stated in a previous video). Cheers!

  5. I need some help. I’ve looked all over YouTube but can’t find this problem. When my Firestick turns on I get the create account my account screen. I can’t get to kodi or to fire home. It says: “logcat failed”. I’m so lost if anyone can help I appreciate it


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