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In this video review, I take a look at another great budget cable cutting solution called the Dreamlink T1 Android IPTV Set Top Box, a possible MAG254 Killer?

Dreamlink T1 –

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  1. I noticed that there was no build installed in your tutorial is it because it’s hard to run a custom build with only the 1 gig available? it looks awesome and performs well just wondering if it still runs the same with a build. any thoughts?

    • I think you mean your MAC address, you can find it once you download the Dreamlink Online app from the local market on your box. Once you fire up the app it will display the MAC address which you can give to your IPTV Provider to purchase a subscription.

  2. Do you use the same mac address if you use more than one iptv providers? If no… Then how do you enter a different iptv server?

    • zabla6 You use the same MAC address with different providers and they provide you with the portal URL to pull in your channels.


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